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  • Audit results
    Results of the financial audit of World Bank projects for the two loans / emergency and supplementary
  • announcement/Consulting Services as Management and Monitoring Consultant
    Technical Support for the German “Credit Facility to Assist the Return of IDPs” (GCFI) in Iraq
  • Announcement of the rehabilitation of the Khalis-Azim road (section B) on the Baghdad-Kirkuk road as part of the World Bank loan
    Rehabilitation of the Khalis - Azim road (section B) on the Baghdad - Kirkuk road
  • Announcement of the rehabilitation of the Al-Sharqat Junction Road - Ramadaniat / Salah Al-Din within the World Bank loan
    Al-Sharqat Junction Road - Ramadaniat 30 km (two passes) / Salah Al-Din
  • Announcement of the project for the rehabilitation of Mosul Bridge IV and V / Nineveh within the World Bank loan

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The policy of the Reconstruction Fund in the selection and implementation of projects is based on global standards and adapts the requirements of the community in the areas affected mainly.

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