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  • Extension of Bid invitation No. 4/2019 – Trust / Supply of Goods
  • Head of ReFAATO participated the meeting of Stability Support Group in the International Alliance
    Discussing the work of restoring stability and reconstructing the infrastructure of rehabilitating schools and hospitals and providing short-term employment opportunities in areas affected by terrorism
  • Rehabilitation of Jedaydat Al-Sada compact unit and replacement of gravel and sand filters to Al-Hawija Al-Hadith Compact unit
    Two projects on ReFAATO plan for Kirkuk Governorate was a completed, to raise the completed projects on the 2018 plan to 4 projects.
  • The Communication Team Complete the Workshop of Monitor the Manifestations of Violence in Kirkuk Governorate
    Sponsored by ReFAATO and In cooperation with the University of Kirkuk and the Directorate of Education of Kirkuk, a workshop was conducted to monitor the manifestations of violence and mechanisms to deal with it in schools after ISIS period
  • An official delegates of ReFAATO participated in the reconstruction conference in Baghdad
    Under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and in coordination with 50 Egyptian companies specialized in the field of reconstruction, a conference of reconstruction was held in Baghdad

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The policy of the Reconstruction Fund in the selection and implementation of projects is based on global standards and adapts the requirements of the community in the areas affected mainly.

What is your assessment of the policies for selecting projects implemented by the REFAATO ?

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