ReFAATO’s engineering team successfully executes the contract of supplying water and sewerage generators for Salahudin by contracting with Ministry of Industry and Minerals in an attempt to support the governmental sector and industry companies accordingly with H.E. Dr. Mustafa Alhiti directions, and according to contract ref# 107, amount of 1,734,000,000 (one billion, seven hundred and thirty-four million Iraqi Dinars).

  • Testing, operate, and handover have been conducted for Salahudin water directorate at their specified locations, as follows;
  1. Dujail generators/ 4 sites/ 100kv capacity
  2. Balad generators/ 2 sites/ 250kv capacity
  3. Central Samara sewerage station/ 160kv capacity/ pump station generators (1&2) Samara/2 sites/ 100kv capacity
  4. Door pump station generator/I site/ 100 kv capacity
  5. Tuoz rain water treatment station generator/ 1 site/ 100 kv capacity
  6. Beiji generator/ 1 site/ 1000 kv capacity
  7. Tikrit water compound/ 2000 kv
  8. Taqtaq region, Sharqat water generator/ 250 kv capacity