H.E. Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti attends a workshop conducted by American chamber of commerce to motivate the American companies and present available opportunities in Iraq, “reconstructing what terror ravaged and rehabilitating Iraq’s infra-structure in a country’s present-future insuring pattern needs a unanimous effort and an international, for the available investment opportunity in Iraq is big, and government’s projects are many and versatile and covers several sectors” Dr. Al-Hiti said.

H.E. Dr. Al-Hiti mentioned that despite many commitments countries expressed in Kuwait international conference, and big participation of private and investment sectors, American companies are still confused to take after, and their representation in Iraq is humble.

On their side, chairmen of participating companies of USA hailed the procedures Iraqi government provided to facilitate investors’ experience, and requested more regulations that reduce bureaucracy and expedite projects implementation.

Some companies complained slow process of granting security clearance to Iraq, insisting on the necessity of visiting Iraq to have a closer look on investment status prior to commence with major projects.