His Excellency Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti participated in the meeting of the Stabilization Support Group in the International Alliance for defeat of Daesh, which was held in Baghdad, April 17, 2019, with the participation of 34 countries, where the meeting discussed the work of restoring stability and reconstruction of the infrastructure of rehabilitating schools and hospitals and providing short-term employment opportunities in the areas affected by terrorism. Dr. Al-Hitti speech addressed the most important achievements and activities achieved by the ReFAATO during the previous years after liberation, especially after the Kuwait Donor Conference and the contributions of the countries in the reconstruction. A presentation was presented in figures showing the size of projects completed and ongoing Which has exceeded 850 projects. He asked the representatives of the countries to activate the decisions of the conference to contribute to the transition from supporting stability to reconstruction in various sectors, which contribute to the restoration of life in those provinces, which reflect positively  to Do not returned to the conditions that created Daesh, the At the end of the meeting, HE thanked and appreciated all participants in the international alliance.