Official delegation from ReFAATO headed by HE Dr. Mustafa Al-Hitti  and  representatives of the departments, participated in the reconstruction conference was held under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Trade in coordination with 50 Egyptian companies specialized in the field of reconstruction at the Meridian Palestine Hotel in Baghdad for two days. Dr. Al-Hitti welcomed the attendees whom They offered to contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of what has been destroyed by ISIS.

Dr. Al-hitti reviewed through his speech the vision of ReFAATO and the achievements that has been achieved since its inception until the number of projects reached about 800 projects on the ground with 200 projects under the listing stage for the purpose of announcing, these projects contributed to restoring the life requirements to the people at the provinces that were exposed to terrorist acts. Also he mentioned to the importance of loans and grants, especially the opportunities offered at the Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction and Investment, attracting the modern technology that reduces the period of achievement, increases employment opportunities for youth and alleviates poverty and unemployment. He also expressed his willingness to offer investment opportunities to Egyptian companies leading in construction, Roads and Transport, water and sanitation and energy. after that, the ReFAATO delegation shear with the participated the seminars to hear the companies offers, also the conference attended by Dr. Sami Araji Chairman of the National Investment Commission and Undersecretary of Commerce Haitham Jameel Al-Khashali and the deputies and directors of ministries of electricity and industry Oil, transport, oil and transportation