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  • Opening of Shanshal bridge that link between the central and northern governorates
    With coordination of the Reconstruction Fund and World Bank Support Emergency Development Project (EODP), Opening of Shanshal Bridge that link between Kirkuk and Diyala
  • Hamdania and Nimrod roads in its new style
    Reconstruction of Hamdania and Nimrod roads in Nineveh
  • Opening of a police station and a civil defense center in Mosul
    Opening of Al-Nasr police station in Al-Faisaliah and a civil defense center in Al-Zuhour Street in the left coast of Mosul
  • Holding a training workshop on environmental, social and resettlement frameworks
    The German Advisory Group held its first workshop for the Fund's Working Group
  • Opening Schools in Kirkuk
    The Imam Hassan School and the Primary School of Lry were opened in the Basheer village of Kirkuk.


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The policy of the Reconstruction Fund in the selection and implementation of projects is based on global standards and adapts the requirements of the community in the areas affected mainly.

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